Gina Marie, M.A.

Cultivate Confidence 


High Heeled Performance Academy is a live, online 6-week leadership curriculum for executive women.  

High Heeled Performance Coaching for Executive Women: 

The Academy trains executive women to use proven strategic tools to help you excel in your professional and personal life.

Gina Marie, a 30-year veteran in strategic leadership, used these same tools to  increase revenues by 1.9 million dollars, to solve multi-disciplinary problems for Amazon, Niagara Water, Medline, Ayers Hotel, Cinemark Theaters, Rivian, Chik-Fil A and the City of Eastvale, CA.

The High Heeled Performance Academy equips you to overcome the struggles that are unique to women leaders in the marketplace. 

The Academy is designed to ensure that you are positioned for influence, poised to face any challenge, and ultimately, paid for your exceptional skills.

The High-Heeled Performance Leadership Academy, begins with an audition to showcase your skills followed by a six-week curriculum in a live, online format and a graduation celebration.  

Join the High Heeled Performance Nation of hundreds of women who  completed this incredible journey of growth, transformation, and impact. Become the bold, influential leader you were destined to be. 

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